Global Decentralized Communication Network

CodeMail is a secure, private, anonymous, decentralized communication network built on blockchain technology that allows people across the globe to interact freely without the threat of exposure or invasion of privacy.

Centralized email and messaging carries significant risk.
Security and privacy are non-existent.

  • Data is unencrypted and can be monitored by 3rd parties
  • Accounts can be hacked and sensitive data exposed
  • Hosts and providers own, control and even view your data
  • Access can be restricted or denied entirely



The answer is decentralized communication on the blockchain.
Your data is entirely owned and only accessible by you.

  • Full encryption during transmission and storage
  • Guaranteed privacy. Only you have the keys to your data.
  • No centralized control or ownership.
  • Redundancy over the blockchain means no denial or loss of data.




All communication is encrypted end-to-end during transmission and while in storage, and therefore protected from monitoring, hacking and theft. There is no central control or ownership of the data. It cannot be shared with 3rd parties even if requested by law.


Total privacy and total freedom from censorship. Accounts are anonymous and communication can only be viewed by its correspondents. Aliases are unlimited and can be used even for one-time messages. Data can self-destruct or be permanently destroyed.

Decentralized Storage

All data is encrypted, compressed, split into chunks and stored redundantly (multiple copies) across the decentralized network in geographically efficient ways. User storage is virtually unlimited and comes at a very low cost.

Reliable and Easy To Use

Despite using sophisticated blockchain technology the messaging client will have a simple and familiar interface. Clients will be available for Linux, Mac, Windows, IOS and Android. And data can be synced across multiple devices.

Cost Efficient

Stamps are the mechanism to fuel the network. Pay only for what you use in small, micro-transactions. Or lend out your resources and receive Stamps as compensation to offset costs or even get paid. A good side-effect is that abusive behavior like SPAM will be costly.

Open Source Community

An open source developer API will be created to promote a vibrant network with huge potential for innovation. Think decentralizead micro-blogging or public forums without boundaries, restrictions or controls. Furthermore, all code will be open sourced after the first major release for community audit and validation purposes.


Messaging App

A familiar-looking app that provides the following features: account management to create addresses and aliases; create, send and receive messages; manage folders and contacts; built-in wallet to deposit/withdrawal Stamps. It will also include an import function to move unsecure mail off old accounts and onto the secure CodeMail network with unlimited storage.

Network Node

By lending out your unused bandwidth and disk resources to support the network, you will receive Stamps as compensation. Schedule the time and percentage of resources to contribute to avoid interfering with work or play.

Dev API Toolkit

The open source developer API will allow community developers to build new applications on top of the secure, decentralized CodeMail network. Early contributors and partners will be subsidized and incentivized in order to promote adoption and innovation.

Development Roadmap

  • CodeMail launches
  • Stamp ERC20 token developed and released
  • Stamp Sale begins
  • CodeMail marketing and promotion
  • Core development begins
  • Network infrastructure rollout starts

  • Full-time focus on network and client development

  • Beta release for network and client apps

  • CodeMail V1 release with basic client and network functionality
  • One-to-one exchange from ERC20 Stamp to native CodeMail Stamp
  • Begin incentive program to promote nodes to join the network

  • Begin V2 development with focus on stability and scaling
  • Begin development of communication bridge system to tie in traditional email and messaging systems

  • Begin development of open source API toolkit

  • CodeMail V2 release

  • Begin V3 development with focus on performance and community driven solutions
  • Release API toolkit
  • Begin development incentive program to support partners and new projects and applications
  • Communication bridge beta release

  • Release communication bridge

  • CodeMail V3 release
  • Continued support and development of the network, client apps and APIs by responding to the needs and requests of the community, supporting partners and businesses.


Apato Ltd is an established, US-based company that is behind the development and launch of the CodeMail network. With offices in the US and Asia and strong business partnerships in Europe, the company and its founders are looking to promote CodeMail at the global level.

The founders of the company have been working in the fields of fintech, big data, distributed computing, data science and analytics, blockchain, crypto-currency, and application design for a combined 50 years. They have delivered solutions to enterprise clients across many sectors such as finance, banking, security, energy and retail.

We are now using our background and expertise to deliver a new solution for secure, decentralized communication. Our long term vision is for CodeMail to gain world-wide recognition and become the core communications layer in the newly emerging blockchain ecosystem. For further information, please send us a mail at