Registration Now Closed

All STPZ have now been distributed. Thanks for participating. For more info and future promotions, please join us on Telegram, Reddit and Twitter.

CodeMailStamps STPZ Limited Airdrop

Campaign Information

Welcome to the CodeMailStamps Airdrop Campaign. This is a limited one-time airdrop available to only the first 5000 registered users. After registering on this page and following the instructions below, each user will receive 1000 CodeMailStamp (STPZ) tokens.

Airdrop rules:

    Bounty Terms
  • All risks and terms under the resource links on this site apply to CodeMail, Stamps and this Bounty where applicable.
  • Any and all contributions during the campaign are freely posted to the community without expectation and for the sharing of information and the benefit of the community overall.
  • STPZ are distributed freely and as-is to allow contributors, or any other user, to join the network and trial its features.
  • STPZ have no inherent value and are not dependent in any way to the amount or quality of the contributions.
  • By registering for the Bounty, you acknowledge to have read and understood and therefore agree with all terms, conditions, risks and statements outlined here and within the resource documents.